Yesterday, I got a phone call which was no phone number on it, and I picked it up without any alertness.
Suddenly, I heard of a woman speaking very quickly,
"Do you Ms XXX? I'm XXX of Monash University. Did you balabala ......?
"Uh? Yeah?" I almost stammered.
"Did you receive the pending email from our university?" the woman said.
"But we haven't received your documents yet. Did you .....? Because ......"
"I know, but now is Chinese New Year Vacation, I couldn't connect with my referees. When's the deadline?"
"Well ... actually ... it's yesterday, but we could .....balabala."
I was so nervous that I was not sure what she said mostly, but I thought she may mean they'll give me a few more days.
"Sorry, I thought that the deadline could be in May." I replied.
"Uh, not really. That's for applying second semester but this program doesn't open for second semester." the woman said.
Oh my goodness! I almost felt fainted, and then ...... I found that I totally missed what she said followed ...... The only thing I noticed was-she really spoke in a greatly high speed.

After hanging up, my heart beats so quickly and strongly that I could even heard of the sounds around my ears. I collected all the documents and email to the university except the two referee reports. Then I tried to connect with my professors ......

Due to this experience, I find that I really have to enhance my listening ability. I have to make myself get used to listening foreigners' talk.
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