The course adviser called me about 1:15 pm today, and she started to introduce herself, and then asked me four questions.

(1) What kind of motivation makes me apply for Mater of Art Therapy?
(2) Do you have the experience of psycho therapy?
(3) Do you have the experience of attending any organization of art therapy?
(4) Please talk about your art portfolio. (Actually, she asked me to talk about my folio or art class, or whatever I want to discuss.)

       I told a lot when answering the first and the fourth question and provided one or two examples about the questions, because you guys already practiced that with me for several times. However, I didn't have the experience of what she asked in the second and third question, so I told her honestly and explained the reasons to her. Even though I didn't have the experiences of that, I still mentioned my observations in my art class and hoped that may be related to her question, and she seemed feel satisfied with my reply.

       After about 15 minutes talking, we finished the four questions, and she said, "Congratulation! You've got ......!" Then I was so shocked that I was not sure what she was talking about, so I said, "Excuse me, I beg you pardon?"

"You've got the offer of Master of Art Therapy at UWS!"

"Oh!!! Really!!!?"

       After that, it's my turn to ask her question:
(1) How do the professors interact with their students?
(2) What's the weather like in Sydney recently?
(3) Do I still have the opportunity of living on-campus? Do I have to contact to the student residence by myself?

      She provided me so many details of the study process in the course, and we kept chatting until almost 2 pm. She is really a nice guy!
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  • TY
  • uh...

    It's a bit difficult to tell you this, but...there are some basic grammatical errors in this blog entry.
    (I just had a very quick glimpse, though.)
    Is this for English writing practice?
    Otherwise for information sharing, it's better if you use the language that you are more familiar with.

    Please don't get upset or frustrated.
    It's just my personal opnion and I say so with good intention.
  • Ha! Thank you for telling me.
    Because I posted this in another English blog for sharing with my friends, and I'm also lazy to type it in Chinese.
    Anyway, I know my writing is not great enough, and I'm glad that you indicate it. I'll try my best to improve it ^^

    waalile 於 2008/02/19 09:41 回覆